Glittered fondant numbers

Over the years I've had many questions about how I go about making some of the custom fondant pieces I use on my cakes, so I've decided to start blogging about how I do what I do! Hopefully it will help some of you on your journey to caking success!

This weekend I had a cake order for a sweet girl I've had the honor of making a birthday cake for before, but this year she'll be 18! Handmade fondant numbers are just what her little cake needs for a special personal touch!

I knew the cake was going to be pink ombre rosettes, and the size of a 4" smash cake, so with that in mind I opened a word document and chose a font that I thought would look nice and feminine and coordinate well with the cake in both style and size.

I knew my intention was to do a layered number design, so I went ahead and had the document print the numbers twice, which will be helpful in the next step.

I then outlined one set of numbers. You must do it this way and not just print the numbers out with a larger font because the outline is of a different proportion which you'll be able to see in the following pictures.

Then I cut out both sets of numbers.

I knew I wanted gold for the numbers, so at this point I rolled out a piece of fondant that was a golden yellow color and be a good base color for the glitter (disco dust) and luster dust.

I cut out both sets of numbers, working carefully to keep their shape. Notice the proportional change of the outline numbers? That's why it's so important to outline the numbers rather than print a second set of numbers at a larger font point size!

Now it's time to get some gold added to these pretty numbers! I used super gold luster dust on the edges on the background numbers.

And then I painted the smaller top numbers with fondant glue and sprinkled on gold disco dust.

I shook the excess off and then attached the smaller front numbers to the luster outlined back numbers.

At this point it's time for the numbers to sit in the dehydrator for a few hours and harden up; dehydrators are a lifesaver for this process!

Now we need to add picks to our numbers so they can stand on top of our little cake!

Most cake suppliers have a vast selection of paper wrapped wire of different gauges available for purchase. I used a fairly heavy gauge wire for this purpose because I want my numbers to stand up strong vertically on a cake and not flop over due to a weak wire. I also prefer for the pick to not be evident from the front, so whenever I can I try to bend/shape the wire to the curve of the numbers, like so.

Then you can cut some gold fondant strips to cover the wire and attach them to the back of your numbers.

This part doesn't have to be pretty and the fondant doesn't even have to match. I've used other colors when in a bind and you can't see it from the front! Now back into the dehydrator they go until the cake is ready for it's topper!

Such a beautiful personal touch to this sweet cake! I hope your birthday was super special Gracie!! Thanks for letting Sweetly Southern Cakery play a small role in your special day!

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